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VINOMA FEST 2024: A Sensory Journey in the Heart of Puerto Vallarta


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VINOMA FEST 2024 is not just an event; it is a celebration of Mexico’s rich wine culture, designed to transform Puerto Vallarta into an epicenter of flavors, aromas and knowledge. This festival, now in its third edition, is consolidating its position as the most important wine and food pairing event in Mexico, promising an unparalleled experience for all attendees.

Explore and Discover at VINOMA FEST 2024

The variety and richness of Mexican wine will be present in every corner of VINOMA FEST 2024. With the participation of 40 national wineries, attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore the country’s wine diversity, from the renowned wines of Baja California to emerging labels from Querétaro and Jalisco. This festival stands as a bridge between national producers and wine lovers, encouraging the discovery and appreciation of Mexican wines in a festive and educational environment.

Culture and Gastronomy: The Soul of VINOMA

Beyond the tastings and food and wine pairings, VINOMA FEST 2024 is a window into Mexico’s wine and food culture. The festival’s activities are designed not only to delight the palate, but also to enrich the knowledge and appreciation of wine. From seminars on the history of wine in Mexico to pairing workshops that explore the synergy between wine and food, the festival offers a complete overview of the wine world. Attendees will be able to interact with sommeliers, winemakers and chefs, delving into the secrets of winemaking and gastronomy.

A Space for Innovation and Encounter

The social and networking aspect of VINOMA FEST 2024 provides a unique platform for interaction between industry professionals, aficionados and novices alike. This space fosters discussion on the future of wine in Mexico, emerging trends and opportunities for innovation. By participating in panel discussions and networking sessions, attendees can connect with key people in the industry, expanding their network and collaborating on future projects.

VINOMA FEST 2024: A Festival with a Conscience

Committed to sustainability and social impact, VINOMA FEST 2024 also stands out for its focus on environmentally friendly practices and support for local communities. The festival promotes the use of reusable glasses, waste minimization and support for small wine producers, reflecting a commitment to the sustainable development of the Mexican wine industry.

Don’t Miss VINOMA FEST 2024

With a rich and diverse program, VINOMA FEST 2024 promises to be a memorable experience for all who participate. From exploring new flavors to enriching knowledge and creating new friendships, this festival has something for everyone. Mark your calendars and get ready to be part of Mexico’s most important wine festival. Secure your ticket, participate in the celebration and live the passion for wine at VINOMA FEST 2024 in Puerto Vallarta!

Music at VINOMA FEST 2024

To close with a flourish, the Fiesta del Vino will feature the performance of Nortec Fusible + Bostich Full Band, who with their fusion of electronic music and Mexican rhythms promise to offer a memorable show. Their music is the perfect company to enjoy the last night of the festival, creating unforgettable memories.


Numerary: Breaking down VINOMA FEST 2024

VINOMA FEST 2024 is an event that celebrates the richness and diversity of the Mexican wine industry, bringing together amateurs and professionals in a unique space for tasting, learning and enjoying wine and gastronomy. In this edition, the festival is proud to present impressive figures that underline its growth and relevance on the national and international scene.

  • 40 Mexican wineries from 10 regions of the country: VINOMA FEST becomes the meeting point for the most outstanding wineries in Mexico, representing 10 wine regions. This varied spectrum ensures an enriching experience for attendees, who will be able to taste and learn about the different profiles and terroirs offered by the country’s wine regions.
  • 8 local restaurants: Gastronomy plays a crucial role in the festival, with 8 local restaurants selected for their excellence and ability to create perfect pairings. These establishments will offer culinary proposals that complement the wine experience, highlighting regional flavors and gastronomic innovation.
  • 5 locations: Each activity and event of VINOMA FEST will take place in one of 5 carefully selected locations within Puerto Vallarta. From outdoor spaces with breathtaking views to elegant and cozy lounges, these venues promise an unforgettable atmosphere for every moment of the festival.
  • Visitors from 8 cities in the country: Diversity is not only found in the wines and food, but also in the attendees. VINOMA FEST attracts visitors from at least 8 Mexican cities, creating a rich cultural mosaic and an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences and knowledge between amateurs and professionals from different parts of the country.
  • 50% foreigners and 50% nationals: This balance between foreign and national attendees demonstrates the international appeal of VINOMA FEST, making it an event of global relevance that promotes the Mexican wine industry beyond its borders.
  • 400 wine labels: The wine selection is wider than ever, with 400 labels that offer a complete panorama of the innovation, tradition and quality of Mexican wine. From new releases to established wines, attendees will be able to explore a wide range of flavors and styles.
  • 10 local wine importers: The presence of local wine importers underscores the importance of the festival as a platform for business and trade relations, facilitating meetings between Mexican wineries and key distributors for the expansion of the wine market in Mexico.
  • 50 exhibitors: Beyond wine, the festival has 50 exhibitors offering products and services related to wine culture, from accessories and crafts to wine tourism experiences, expanding the scope and richness of VINOMA FEST.
  • 750 hotel nights: The economic and touristic impact of VINOMA FEST in Puerto Vallarta is significant, with 750 hotel nights booked by attendees, which demonstrates the importance of the event in promoting tourism and hospitality in the region.

Overall, these numbers not only reflect the growth and success of VINOMA FEST, but also the vibrant future of wine culture in Mexico. The third edition of this festival promises to be an unmissable event for all wine lovers, offering a unique experience of learning, tasting and celebration.

Official Sites

To ensure your participation in this unprecedented event, remember that tickets are available at Boletia, with limited space. For more details and updates, visit the social networks of VINOMA Fest and don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the third edition of this great wine event. More information on the website: Vinoma Fest.

See you in Puerto Vallarta from March 7 to 9 to celebrate VINOMA FEST 2024!



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