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5 Reasons why Puerto Vallarta is Promoted in the Best Shopping Centers in Mexico


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Vallarta Online / PUERTO VALLARTA, JALISCO.- Puerto Vallarta is actively promoted in the most important shopping centers in Mexico to attract more tourists and position itself as a preferred beach destination. From June 28 to July 5, the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust held destination training seminars for BestDay (Despegar) travel advisors located at points of sale in the country’s main shopping malls. Below, we explore the key reasons behind this strategy.

1. Puerto Vallarta Promotes itself by Training Travel Advisors

Puerto Vallarta is promoted by training travel advisors, providing them with detailed information about the unique experiences the destination offers. In Monterrey, Mexico City and Querétaro, seminars were held for travel agents from important wholesalers, ensuring that they have the necessary tools to recommend the destination

2. Promotion of Unique Attractions

During the seminars, travel advisors received information about the most notable attractions in Puerto Vallarta. From the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden to the world’s longest suspension vehicle bridge at Canopy River, the experiences that make this destination a special place were highlighted. The advisors also learned about the hike through the Sierra Madre to Colomitos, the smallest beach in Mexico.

3. Air Connectivity

Puerto Vallarta is promoted by highlighting its excellent air connectivity throughout the year. The seminars included information on direct flights from Monterrey with Viva Aerobus; from Mexico City with Aeroméxico, Viva Aerobus, Volaris and Mexicana; and from Querétaro with Volaris. This connectivity facilitates tourists’ access to the destination and is a key point in the promotion strategy.

4. Collaboration with Hotels and Suppliers

The trainings also included the participation of representatives from hotels such as Plaza Pelícanos, Pelícanos Grand, Krystal, Krystal Grand / The Hacienda, Mío and Friendly. These hotels presented their varied accommodation offers for different market niches. In addition, providers such as Mundo Cuervo, Ruta 21 and Explora México Tours promoted circuit trips in the State of Jalisco, enriching the tourist offer of Puerto Vallarta.

5. Comprehensive Promotion Strategy

Luis Villaseñor, director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust , explained the importance of these initiatives: “With these efforts, the objective is to position Puerto Vallarta in the main issuing cities as a preferred beach destination for vacation periods all year round, encouraging direct flights from these cities and their surroundings to the destination”.


Puerto Vallarta is promoted in the most important commercial centers in Mexico with a comprehensive strategy that includes the training of travel advisors, the promotion of its unique attractions, outstanding air connectivity and collaboration with hotels and suppliers. These actions reinforce Puerto Vallarta’s position as a preferred beach destination in Mexico.

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