The First Edition of the Vallarta Grill Festival is a Success


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The recently concluded Vallarta Grill Festival, which took place at the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center, turned out to be a spectacular celebration of grilled cuisine. This event, in its debut, brought together meat lovers and barbecue fans from various regions, offering a culinary experience that transcended expectations.

Gastronomy and Competition

In the heart of the festival, the competition for the title of Best Griller of the Vallarta Grill Festival 2024 took place with great enthusiasm. With the participation of renowned chefs and restaurants, each one presented their best version of roast meats, from traditional northern cuts to sophisticated Argentine preparations. The event was judged by a distinguished panel of chefs from the Vatel Club of Puerto Vallarta, led by chef Thierry Blouet.

Restaurants Participating in the Vallarta Grill Festival

The festival featured the participation of numerous renowned restaurants that brought their unique seal to the event. Among them, they stood out:

  • “De Rosa” Ranch
  • Sayulita Deck
  • Tino’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Zenizas Nuevo Vallarta
  • Grill Cooking Mastery
  • Tlali – Restaurant
  • Fire 322
  • Casa Cayaco Restaurant
  • Select Cocktails
  • Innovagourmet

Each establishment offered dishes that were true works of culinary art, demonstrating the richness and diversity of grilled cuisine.

Fun for all the family

It wasn’t just about eating. The festival provided entertainment for all attendees, from inflatable play areas for the little ones to tuna snoring demonstrations for the adults. In addition, you could enjoy a special area with a small farm where children and adults interacted with farm animals, adding a country touch to the festive atmosphere.

Cultural and Musical Activities

Music and cultural performances also played a crucial role in the festival. Puerto Vallarta’s Xiutla folkloric ballet, for example, offered shows that highlighted the region’s rich cultural tradition, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of the event.

Awards and Recognitions at the Vallarta Grill Festival

The culmination of the festival was the awards ceremony, where Mazo Sayulita Restaurant took first place, closely followed by Zenizas Versalles Restaurant and La Patagonia Argentine cuisine. These recognitions not only celebrated the skills of the grillers but also highlighted the culinary diversity that characterizes this festival.

A Tradition in Progress

With the resounding success of its first edition, the Vallarta Grill Festival promises to become a must-see annual event for fans of grill and good food. With plans to expand and more activities, next year the festival is expected to attract even more visitors, establishing itself as a must-see event on Puerto Vallarta’s gastronomic calendar.

Each edition of the Vallarta Grill Festival not only promotes local and international gastronomy but also offers a platform for restaurants and chefs to showcase their culinary art in a competitive and festive setting. With the support of the community and the enthusiastic participation of competitors, the festival is well positioned to grow and evolve in the years to come.

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