On this page, "Annual Climate Summary of Puerto Vallarta", we offer a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the climate in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico through a series of informative graphs. Our goal is to provide a useful tool for both residents and visitors planning to enjoy all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

Here are graphs on six key aspects of climate:

Annual Temperatures in Puerto Vallarta: We explore temperature fluctuations throughout the year, providing a clear understanding of warm and cool seasons.

Hourly temperature in Puerto Vallarta: We detail temperature variations during each hour of the day for each month, helping to plan daily activities according to the climate.

Cloud Patterns in Puerto Vallarta: We show how cloud cover varies, impacting luminosity and outdoor activities over the months.

Rainfall Patterns in Puerto Vallarta: We analyze rainfall patterns, essential to understand the best and worst times for activities that depend on dry weather.

Humidity Levels in Puerto Vallarta: We observe how humidity affects wind chill and overall comfort, crucial for wellness during your stay.

Wind Speed Patterns in Puerto Vallarta: We examine wind speeds and their relevance for water sports and other recreational activities.

Each chart is designed to provide clear and accurate information that improves your understanding and experience of the local climate, ensuring you can make the most of your time in Puerto Vallarta, whether planning your trip or simply exploring the region.

Average Water Temperature in Puerto Vallarta

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Annual Temperatures in Puerto Vallarta

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Hourly temperature in Puerto Vallarta

In the vibrant Puerto Vallarta, the "Hourly Temperature in Puerto Vallarta" not only sets the pace of the daily activities of its residents and visitors, but is also a fundamental element to understand its tourist and environmental attractiveness. In this article, we explore temperature variations throughout the day during different months of the year, offering a detailed and visual perspective through two representative graphs of climate conditions in 2023 and 2024. These charts not only highlight daily and seasonal fluctuations...

Cloud Cover Patterns in Puerto Vallarta

In Cloud Cover Patterns in Puerto Vallarta, we explore how cloud cover in Puerto Vallarta is not only crucial to understanding its climate, but also to planning outdoor activities and events in this tourist destination par excellence. This article provides a detailed analysis of cloud cover throughout the year, showing how it varies from month to month and how this can influence the experience of residents and visitors. Using cloud cover charts for the years 2023 and 2024, we look...

Precipitation Patterns in Puerto Vallarta

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Humidity Levels in Puerto Vallarta

In Humidity Levels in Puerto Vallarta Throughout the Year, we explore how humidity levels fluctuate month to month in one of the most attractive destinations in Mexico. This analysis offers a detailed perspective on climate comfort in Puerto Vallarta, using data graphs from 2023 and 2024 to illustrate changes in humidity that can significantly influence the experience of both residents and visitors. The graphics highlight the varying levels of comfort from dry to unbearably wet conditions. Understanding these variations is...

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